You’re recognized as a leader for your work in fashion sustainability. Can you tell us how you’re working toward the goal of seeing impactful change by 2030?

“Everything we do at New Standard Institute is grounded in data. As every business leader will tell you, you only manage what you measure. So that’s what we are working to do: bring measurable accountability to the fashion industry. We do this by bringing the data to light and sharing the stories of the people behind the industry, and combining this with concrete proposed solutions. This allows everyone—citizens, media, brands, government—to play their role in bringing about significant measurable change to the industry.”

What’s something you’d like people to know about you or your work that they probably don’t?

“There is a lot of joy in what we do. We measure real problems, but we also spend a lot of time imagining what the world could look like. Then we get to build meaningful relationships with other people and organizations to make those imaginings a reality. It is tremendously fun and fulfilling work.”

What are some of the obstacles or hurdles you’ve had to overcome to follow through on the mission of New Standard Institute?

“Despite fashion being an enormous $2.5 trillion industry—which is at the root of modern capitalism and has a significant environmental and social impact—it is often dismissed by those outside the industry. That includes those working on the environment, because fashion is perceived as ‘girlie’ and therefore something that couldn’t possibly have significant impact. So getting people to see the role fashion plays in our world is a significant obstacle to overcome.”